Digital Solution

Analytics, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Integration are Main Key Solution for Digital Economy at present day.

IT Project Management

We compile ISO29110 ( Software Engineering-Lifecycle Profiles for Very Small Enterprises (VSE)) for IT Project Management that we deliver for customer.

IT Development

We can develop Web Application, Mobile Application, Window Application to reach your Business Goal.

Business Consultant

We help companies maintain and improve operations by providing professional expertise to current procedures. Our  duties includes meeting with company executives to identify goals and business needs and work closely with department heads to develop and oversee the implementation of specific goals.

Web SEO, FB Admin

We offer Google Ads Service to bring your brand outstanding to hit your customer. Rank your website at top for your desired keywords. Also we can support your FB Page activity such as create FB Image Post, arrange Business Image, etc.


We provide installation and configuration CCTV System.

We offer  Top Brand CCTV " Avigilon" AI-powered Security Solution.  AI & CCTV Analysis Function such as Appearance Search, Face No Mask, Facial Recognition, Unusual Motion Detection, Unusual Activity, etc.

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